Monday, 21 December 2009

All things christmas begins

This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon-
My Husband, his brother and myself spent about three hours making this in my mother in law's front garden. I might mention that our average age is 30 and a bit :)

I usually hate snow but I really had a blast making this. Poor lulla manulla was desperate to come out and play but every time MIL brought her out she limped cause the snow was cold on her feet. I'm going to have to make her some wellies :)

Friday night was the christmas party for work. As usual I got the job of making the table names.
I wanted something unusual so after a bit of google searching I decided to go with the baubles method.

good old pound shop baubles (excuse the shaky photos- I don't remeber drinking but never mind)

some cheap 20 gauge wire and some laminated print outs.

Fill the baubels with sugar so that they stand up- and.......

Ta da!

I made 32 of these beauties and they went down so well that at least three people tried to steal them! To prevent a fight I had to promise to make 19 more for one of the guys on the shop floor.
I think I'm going to make these to sell next year.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas crafts

Here's the sock monkey I wrote about in my last post-

He now lives with my sister in her student house. She loved him. I gave him quite a cute little scarf before he moved out just to break up his neck line.

I've made the other sister a new poppet-

She loves tartan so I made her with tartan ears. The poppets are made from a pattern given out by ghillie on craftster and is free to anyone.

I've been haunting the site as well. For my friends children I made them some rather spanky gift bags.

I used pound shop sweets and stickers. They liked them I think :) They didn't last very long either way lol.

last one for the moment- I've made snow man soup. This is my tester bag made with chocolate buttons and m&m's.

Since taking it into work I've had orders for 12 more. Better buy some more hot chocolate :)

Monday, 2 November 2009

On the subject of christmas

I've been gone for a while but I'm back now. Been a busy 2009 so far.
Got married, changed my name, went to Florida on honneymoon and came back to find out it was time to get excited for Christmas!
Christmas is my favorite time of year. You can ask my husband. He'll roll his eyes and sigh dramatically. He's a good sport about it though. We go to York fair every year, watch muppets Christmas carol and the nightmare before Christmas on Christmas eve and wrap all of our Christmas presents whils watching the royal variaty show.
This year I've started my crafting early. Last year I ran out of time.
I've got to make some kings and shepherds for mil's church, some Christmas things to sell in the church fair and some bits for the family.
I've started ds1's horned hoodie and I've also made her a poppet.
Ds2 so far has a sock monkey. This is my first time and I'm thinking maybe I'll use shorter socks next time. The boys at work thought it was an octopuss :(

Thursday, 26 March 2009

twilight- or how i became obsessed

So- Twilight.OMG! I'm soooo freakishly obsessed!

My sister came home from uni on Saturday and brought with her the twilight saga. And then I've been ill for a few days. So I started reading on Monday. Yesterday (Wednesday) I finished the last page of the fourth book. Now I think there's a whole left in my life.LOL

Seriously, I become so engrossed in my reading that I've been known to come up for air just to find that it's a beautiful summers day and not the horrible freezing storm I had running in my head. With that in mind once I start to enjoy a book that turns out to be part of a series my entire life becomes that book. I pick the character i most relate too and I live their life. And then when it ends.............
I find myself wondering what the character would have been up to afterward. In this case because I knew that they had already made it into a film my first thought was to see if they'd made the characters look the same as they did in my head. I have to say that they don't. Maybe I'll relate to them more once I've watched them in action. The characters are just so less impressive than they were in my head- but then again did I really expect them to live up to my imagination?
Being a tall girl myself Edward was built like an Adonis rugby player whilst Jacob was somehow taller and lankier. I suppose he looks different for everyone.
Iwasn't sure if Edward or Jacob was the best bet for love. Still -I'm glad they were friends in the end.

Any way- I'm in love. rant over :)