Thursday, 26 March 2009

twilight- or how i became obsessed

So- Twilight.OMG! I'm soooo freakishly obsessed!

My sister came home from uni on Saturday and brought with her the twilight saga. And then I've been ill for a few days. So I started reading on Monday. Yesterday (Wednesday) I finished the last page of the fourth book. Now I think there's a whole left in my life.LOL

Seriously, I become so engrossed in my reading that I've been known to come up for air just to find that it's a beautiful summers day and not the horrible freezing storm I had running in my head. With that in mind once I start to enjoy a book that turns out to be part of a series my entire life becomes that book. I pick the character i most relate too and I live their life. And then when it ends.............
I find myself wondering what the character would have been up to afterward. In this case because I knew that they had already made it into a film my first thought was to see if they'd made the characters look the same as they did in my head. I have to say that they don't. Maybe I'll relate to them more once I've watched them in action. The characters are just so less impressive than they were in my head- but then again did I really expect them to live up to my imagination?
Being a tall girl myself Edward was built like an Adonis rugby player whilst Jacob was somehow taller and lankier. I suppose he looks different for everyone.
Iwasn't sure if Edward or Jacob was the best bet for love. Still -I'm glad they were friends in the end.

Any way- I'm in love. rant over :)

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