Saturday, 30 January 2010

Snow again!

Woke up this morning to another inch of snow. I thought it had all gone! apparently DH was saying that we are due more this week. I'm trying to be positive about it- it means we can go take more Christmas card photos. :)
DH set the fire up this morning and moved a couch into the front room even though we're decorating. He left strict instructions that I was to sit in here where it's warm. I haven't put up too much of an argument if I'm honest. even the craft room can't tempt me away from the fire at the minute.

Anyway. I haven't posted for a while. I've just been so busy.
Yesterday I went to the local library to pick up a copy of Tilda's sew pretty home style and they had a sale on. After routing around a little I found this book-
This is the same book that my mam bought for us when our grandad passed away. It was a lot of years ago now and she had since gotten rid of the book. My sisters and I talk about it every now and then. For all the pictures are a bit cringe worthy it is really a very good book for a younger child. it takes you through everything, how we breath, speak, sneeze, growing up, maturing, reproducing and what happens when we die (in the physical sense and not the spiritual). It explains that adults can cry too and they cry at loss because they are sad they won't see the person any more.
Anyway for 10p I had to buy it. It doesn't take up much room on the book shelf and I figure if my sisters or I ever have babies we'll be able to use it.
It turns out that the youngest of us may never use it. She found that the pictures scared her and she's a bit spooked by the whole thing. i suppose I can see her point- it does show a woman with her legs spread and a babies head protruding from between. Oh and the woman has a HUGE smile on her face. it's not a photo though- just a sketch.

Anyway. after going to see said sister it turns out she'd bought me a present. Tilda's sew pretty home style! coincidence. So now I have to take the borrowed copy back. It put a smile on my face though :)

in other news.......... lol Loolla started an agility class last week. We've just had her second session. She's loving it! running and jumping and socialising with the other dogs! it's got her all tired out :)
On to some crafting!
I've been making cards in the last week. here's some of them-

This one is my first attempt at using a digital stamp. I used a free one I found online. This is going to be my sisters boyfriends card. i think the dragons are cute as a button!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

another crafty weekend

We went to my friend's little boy's second birthday over the weekend. I made him a superhero card with my Cricut. Not my best work but I am a bit out of practice.
Unfortunately I stupidly forgot to take a photo of it. Doh!
So between that (Hubby had a fantastic time on the bouncy castle btw) and cleaning the house (I suppose it has to be done sometimes) I didn't get much done.
I did however join the library. The girls over on the MSE sewing room forum have been checking books out to make things from and quite a few of them are making Tilda items.
I promised I wasn't going to spend as much this year on useless things so I thought if I joined the library I could find books that I liked and ask for them on my present lists.
I fell in love with the first one I opened. Doesn't bode well. lol
However- presenting my Tilda Hare. I couldn't get a good photo of it so I took three rubbish ones.

I had an accident with the blush. I think maybe red ink for the cheeks should have been pink or just not applied as hard. OOOPs. Now I'm eyeing up my towels to cut into a Tilda sheep........

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I love weekends like this

This is how i spent my weekend :)
One sock cat. The face took me AGES! i had completely forgotten how to embroider.

I put eyes on the sock pig.

I made a monster from a babies sock.

I made two more sock balls for my friends dog. This is the third set I've made. My mam's dog even loves them and she normally destroys soft toys. They have been lovingly sucked to death and deposited in my mam's knee several times. :)

I made some lavender sachets. My mam gave me last years lavender plant production. It equated to three large jars and 5 bags. Now I need some lavender bag patterns.

We played in the snow. We took Loolla for a walk in castle Eden so that hubby could get me some nice shots for next years Christmas cards. This was my contribution-

Do you think I could make them into snow people using photo shop? I have no idea how to use it mind you .

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

how to make a sock pig

To make a sock pig you need two socks like these below (Primark children's at 6 pairs for £2.50) some stuffing, two buttons for his nose and two small black beads for his eyes. To start take one of the plainer coloured socks and stuff the toe up to the heel. Chop the end of the sock off. Stitch the hole to make a ball.

cover the sock ball with one of the other socks. Use the frill edge to surround the toe end of the first sock.

hold in position, chop the end off the second sock and stitch up.

with the toe end of the sock you just chopped off cut one small length. then cut these in half and sew into two rounded ear shapes.

Attach the ears to the pigs head. A good guide is to pin it where the seem stops on the frill.

add the pig nostrils to the face.

pull four equal size balls of stuffing to make feet. (it only needs to be a very small amount.)

put the feet in place between the two layers of socks. Squeeze the balls through the socks to show the foot definition.

sew around each foot using a running stitch. Make sure to go through both layers of sock.

Now I have a problem. I ran out of small black beads for my eyes! Get two small black beads and fasten each one on the top of the head in line with the center of each nostril. I'll update once I've had chance to go buy beads!
Hope this helps, feel free to ask questions.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

sock pigs!

This is my new sock pig!
My mum bought me the stray sock sewing book for christmas and this is the first thing I've made from it.
It was really easy! took about an hour in total.
word of warning though- If you have a puppy like lulla the chances are she'll try to eat your practice pigs. Make sure you make them a seperate sock ball!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

I finally finished my sisters poppet. She's needed wings for ever. They're made from photo transfare paper , cotton and batting. it's not the tidiest job I've ever done but it was my first atempt at quilting.
How to make a small scrap book-
Start with a cricut machine (Or a hand held punch if you can find one the right size)
I have mine set to the maximum 5.5inches, using the basic George and basic shapes cartridge that came with the cricut.
Select a shape and cut out -
Cut out as many pages as required.
Stack the pages together for hole punching.
Punch the hole.
This is a book binding ring. The ones I have on hand are 1". they cost about 20p each and come in lots of different sizes.
put the rings through the holes in the cards. rearriange the pages so that the front page and the back page are on the outside of the packs.
Decorate as required. (this is a good use for all of the bits of ribbons you get on clothes to hold them to the hanger)

and on another note.......
I haven't done any paper craft in ages! whilst playing about with all this card I decided I'd have a go at making cards again. These two are what I came up with-

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Meet my new best friend-

This is the- reader that my husband bought me for Christmas.

I LOVE it! Or at least I do now. Having opened it on Christmas morning I admit to being so excited I didn't know which button to press first. However having switched it on something seemed amiss- the book asked if I would like to carry on reading from the last point.

Everything seemed to be in place though and the book was pre-loaded with a few excerpts in various languages.

I plugged it in- pressed download on the program to be given an error message. Two hours later I was still getting the same error message. Doing what any well trained computer person would do I goggled the fault for help. Nothing. The one helpful thing I found was a man advising that he hadn't downloaded the program because he found it easier just to drag and drop the books over.

That seemed to work so I was happy again.

Then it froze. By the time I went to bed on Christmas night it had frozen 4 times. Each time I had to do a reset. DH said we could take it back the next day and get it exchanged.

After a fight with Curry's/PC world we managed to get it exchanged. This one went straight into some opening spiel instead of asking me if I needed to continue reading. the program downloaded first time and the page turning time was massively improved.

My advice would be if you get a slow one of these take it back! lol

If you haven't seen this movie yet - WHY NOT!?!?!? the graphics are marvellous, the story is a classic. Fall in love with the characters. fall in love with the planet. Wish you weren't human and want to become a Na'vi.

It captures the imagination in a way that hasn't been felt for a lot of years. Just like karate kid made you want to learn karate and strictly ballroom made you want to dance- the urge to turn into a blue alien and bond with the animals and live with the forest takes over.

Now I'm off to see if I can make one (since I'm grown up and know I can't become one :( )