Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Meet my new best friend-

This is the- reader that my husband bought me for Christmas.

I LOVE it! Or at least I do now. Having opened it on Christmas morning I admit to being so excited I didn't know which button to press first. However having switched it on something seemed amiss- the book asked if I would like to carry on reading from the last point.

Everything seemed to be in place though and the book was pre-loaded with a few excerpts in various languages.

I plugged it in- pressed download on the program to be given an error message. Two hours later I was still getting the same error message. Doing what any well trained computer person would do I goggled the fault for help. Nothing. The one helpful thing I found was a man advising that he hadn't downloaded the program because he found it easier just to drag and drop the books over.

That seemed to work so I was happy again.

Then it froze. By the time I went to bed on Christmas night it had frozen 4 times. Each time I had to do a reset. DH said we could take it back the next day and get it exchanged.

After a fight with Curry's/PC world we managed to get it exchanged. This one went straight into some opening spiel instead of asking me if I needed to continue reading. the program downloaded first time and the page turning time was massively improved.

My advice would be if you get a slow one of these take it back! lol

If you haven't seen this movie yet - WHY NOT!?!?!? the graphics are marvellous, the story is a classic. Fall in love with the characters. fall in love with the planet. Wish you weren't human and want to become a Na'vi.

It captures the imagination in a way that hasn't been felt for a lot of years. Just like karate kid made you want to learn karate and strictly ballroom made you want to dance- the urge to turn into a blue alien and bond with the animals and live with the forest takes over.

Now I'm off to see if I can make one (since I'm grown up and know I can't become one :( )

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