Wednesday, 6 January 2010

how to make a sock pig

To make a sock pig you need two socks like these below (Primark children's at 6 pairs for £2.50) some stuffing, two buttons for his nose and two small black beads for his eyes. To start take one of the plainer coloured socks and stuff the toe up to the heel. Chop the end of the sock off. Stitch the hole to make a ball.

cover the sock ball with one of the other socks. Use the frill edge to surround the toe end of the first sock.

hold in position, chop the end off the second sock and stitch up.

with the toe end of the sock you just chopped off cut one small length. then cut these in half and sew into two rounded ear shapes.

Attach the ears to the pigs head. A good guide is to pin it where the seem stops on the frill.

add the pig nostrils to the face.

pull four equal size balls of stuffing to make feet. (it only needs to be a very small amount.)

put the feet in place between the two layers of socks. Squeeze the balls through the socks to show the foot definition.

sew around each foot using a running stitch. Make sure to go through both layers of sock.

Now I have a problem. I ran out of small black beads for my eyes! Get two small black beads and fasten each one on the top of the head in line with the center of each nostril. I'll update once I've had chance to go buy beads!
Hope this helps, feel free to ask questions.

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