Sunday, 3 January 2010

I finally finished my sisters poppet. She's needed wings for ever. They're made from photo transfare paper , cotton and batting. it's not the tidiest job I've ever done but it was my first atempt at quilting.
How to make a small scrap book-
Start with a cricut machine (Or a hand held punch if you can find one the right size)
I have mine set to the maximum 5.5inches, using the basic George and basic shapes cartridge that came with the cricut.
Select a shape and cut out -
Cut out as many pages as required.
Stack the pages together for hole punching.
Punch the hole.
This is a book binding ring. The ones I have on hand are 1". they cost about 20p each and come in lots of different sizes.
put the rings through the holes in the cards. rearriange the pages so that the front page and the back page are on the outside of the packs.
Decorate as required. (this is a good use for all of the bits of ribbons you get on clothes to hold them to the hanger)

and on another note.......
I haven't done any paper craft in ages! whilst playing about with all this card I decided I'd have a go at making cards again. These two are what I came up with-


  1. Great tutorial and fab cards too.

  2. Your fairy is just gorgeous, your sister will love her.