Wednesday, 13 January 2010

I love weekends like this

This is how i spent my weekend :)
One sock cat. The face took me AGES! i had completely forgotten how to embroider.

I put eyes on the sock pig.

I made a monster from a babies sock.

I made two more sock balls for my friends dog. This is the third set I've made. My mam's dog even loves them and she normally destroys soft toys. They have been lovingly sucked to death and deposited in my mam's knee several times. :)

I made some lavender sachets. My mam gave me last years lavender plant production. It equated to three large jars and 5 bags. Now I need some lavender bag patterns.

We played in the snow. We took Loolla for a walk in castle Eden so that hubby could get me some nice shots for next years Christmas cards. This was my contribution-

Do you think I could make them into snow people using photo shop? I have no idea how to use it mind you .

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